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Pasta Bolognese

Wednesdays at 5:30pm

Community Meals are free for anyone in the community.

Come and enjoy some yummy food for hungry tummies.  Make new friends and catch up with old ones.  Need some support? Our many volunteers are wonderful listeners and would love to hear about your week.  

Make sure you stay for dessert!


It is our desire to be a welcoming and generous place for those who are hungry, lonely, or feel the need to talk with someone about a need. It is our opportunity to be a testimony for Christ by loving each other as we work together and to love others as we serve them.

Everybody needs a support network around them for those times when things go wrong. By enabling connection and helping people make friends with those in their own community, people empower not only themselves, but raise up the whole community. 

Who provides the food?

Every week we are grateful when we receive donations for fresh veggies, bread, meat, or any other ingredients. Any shortfall, Northgate makes up to ensure there is always food for the meal.


We often get volunteers, people from the church or the community who offers to bake or share something from home. 


But just as with the fish and the loaves, there always seems to be enough.

Volunteering at the Meal

Volunteers are needed in several areas to make the evening a success. Food preparation often starts as early as 1 or 2 pm on a Wednesday afternoon. However, many other volunteers arrive at 5:30 pm and start to help with serving food or washing dishes.

As volunteers, our first priority is to serve each other and those who attend the meals. Volunteers who show care and come to listen, are often blessed themselves, when they get an opportunity to encourage or share a testimony with someone they share a meal with.

Come along and see if this is for you

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